Eight Systemic Strategies to Advance the Participation of Women in the Brazilian Mining Industry

  1. Inclusive practices for career opportunities
  2. Respectful workplaces
  3. Ability to reconcile work with personal commitments
  4. Signs and symbols of gender inclusion in the workplace culture
  5. An industry that is a magnet for talent
  6. Supplier diversity buying from women-led companies
  7. Investing in women in the communities where we operate
  8. Developing the talent of the future – Investing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)


An engagement tool with the objective of defining the commitment from organizations with the implementation of strategies present in the Action Plan.

The goal is to create an annual report measuring the progress of each strategy, moving the dial in all areas needing improvement within the industry.


is the representation of women in the Brazilian Mining sector, while in the general labour market this number reaches 44%.


of the organizations do not publicly communicate information about its diversity goals and workforce composition.


of the organizations do not analyze data on demographics, compensation, recruitment and promotions to remove bias and inform programs.