Action Plan

It is a time for change in the mining industry, a time for innovation, a review of sustainability concepts, improvements in safety issues, preservation and development of mineral resources and human potential.

There is no doubt that there is a need for a new drive for gender inclusion issues in Brazil. During the elaboration of this plan, the country lived, and still lives, a difficult moment, with issues related to operational safety and social responsibility, which disseminate a negative image of the mining industry.

It is time to build a new culture capable of absorbing more women, who correspond to half of Brazil’s work capacity.

Labour Market in General* 0%
Mining Industry** 0%

Participation of women in the Brazilian labor market. *Data from the Labor Department / Ministry of Economic Affairs. **According to an estimate based on research carried out by IBRAM and information published by mining companies operating in the country in 2019.

It is time for change in the mining industry, time for innovation, for a review of sustainability concepts, for improvements in safety processes, for preservation and development of mineral resources and valorization of people. It is time to build a new culture in the mining industry capable of absorbing more women, who correspond to half of Brazil’s workforce.

There is need for a new push to solve for gender inclusion issues in Brazil. Throughout the construction of this plan, the country was experiencing a difficult time with safety-related issues that propagated and defined a negative perception of this industry.

We will seek systemic changes in our organizations – in the way we work together as an industry in search of a sustainable future for all.

The project


First conversations, alignment of objectives


Kick-Off Session at PDAC 2019 – Leading the Way: Design to Unleash Diversity’s Power


Women in Mining Brasil: Workshop in the Mining Hub


Workshop in Brazil – Adaptation of the Plan to the Brazilian context


EXPOSIBRAM – Session to engage companies


WIM BRASIL – Announcement of the Women in Mining Brasil’s First Board of Directors


Pre-launch of the Action Plan at the Brazilian Mining Day – PDAC 2020


Launch of the Action Plan in Brazil

What is our vision for the future?

The Brazilian mining sector be seeing as a sector where women are respected at all levels of any organization and in all areas of activity;

Where exploration and mining companies, suppliers, government and the academic sector recognize the value of everyone’s participation, promoting inclusive and diverse work environments while creating prosperity in our communities;

Where women’s participation is perceived as a source of technical expertise, operational excellence, innovation, moving this global industry towards a sustainable future.

Image: Jaguar Mining

The Action Plan

  • The Action Plan is consistent with this new scenario.
  • The purpose of this document is not to simply build awareness.
  • It is intended to be a strategic tool that enables mining companies, suppliers and organizations active in the sector to be truly transformative: implementing actions that increase the participation of women, and creating an inclusive environment where everyone can actively participate in building an industry full of innovation and positive impacts for society and shareholders.

Call to Action

An engagement tool with the objective of defining the commitment from organizations with the implementation of the strategies presented in the Action Plan.

The goal is to create an Annual Report measuring the progress on each strategy, moving the dial in all areas that require improvements within the industry.

Probability of financial performance above the industry average

Empresas no quartil superior ou inferior em diversidade de gênero no comitê executivo


of the executives interviewed recognize the positive impact of gender diversity on leadership on the financial performance of companies. ***

* Average EBIT – 2011-2015

** Economic profit margin – 2011-2015

*** Online Survey of 547 executives in Latin America (2011)

Source: McKinsey – Delivering Through Diversity study 2018 – 1,000 companies from 12 countries


Higher 0%
Bottom 0%

Value creation**

Higher 0%
Bottom 0%

Companies who support and signed the Call to Action